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2-100 W rms / 10-200 W p.s. - SDT TRANSMITTERS


[Image: 2-100 W rms / 10-200 W p.s. - SDT TRANSMITTERS]

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from 2 to 100 W rms / from 10 to 200 W ps


  • UHF and MMDS fully agileTransmitter (VHF on request).

  • Integrated GPS ProfessionalReceiver.

  • Integrated SAT Receiver free toair, w/ polarity switch, DiSEqC.

  • Integrated SNMP management withevents store.

  • Integrated GBE interface.

  • Output Power remotely adjustablevia MIP or SNMP with high dynamics, in step of 0.1 dB.

  • "Soft-start" Circuit.

  • Digital precorrection withautomatic curves loading for each standard, channel and power levels.

  • Wide Range Power Supply 90-264 VAC in fuse-free configuration (SW Standby Switch). 12, 24, 48 V DCOptional.

  • Typical MER: > 36 dB at allpower levels and in all channels.

  • Quick-acting protection circuitsagainst overpower and direct/reflected power.

  • Protection against reflectedpower with automatic fold-back.

  • Compact Design:
    19" x 1 unit, depth 400 mm (SDT 500UB),
    19" x 2 units, depth 400 mm (SDT 201UB).

  • Multi-Mode Operation w/softwareswitch.


  • Transport stream de-multiplexingwith extraction of a single program.

  • Re-multiplexing function withfunction of drop-out of services or single components.

The new MAGNUM series is the latest generation of high-integration digital television transmitters for SFN and MFN networks. The transmitters of this series feature a built-in SFN adapter and veryadvanced SWDT® (Software Defined Transmitters) technology whichallows implementing different modulation patterns – either digital oranalog – (DVB-T/H, PAL, ASTC, NSTC, QPSK, QAM, FLO, SECAM, etc.) in thesame hardware. Moreover, the SWDT® technology allows selectingtransmission modes in various ways: locally, by pressing a button onthe front panel; remotely, using a clean contact; via SNMP commands;via TCP/IP, using the Web graphic interface; or even via a dedicatedcommand inserted into the transport stream.

An innovative firmware allows zero error signal processing thanks to aninternal 32 bit architecture. Functional interfaces are available for total remote control of theapparatus by means of serial protocols or TCP/IP ports. Thanks to theinternal Web server the apparatus can be easily monitored andconfigured using a LAN connection and a standard Web browser. Moreover,the built-in SNMP server allows performing all types of automatedremote control.


Software Defined Transmitters area new generation of transmitters allowing increased flexibility andreduced cost of ownership. Built on the experience of the multimode capable MOD-ALL family ofmodulators, the MAGNUM Series uses one hardware for any analog anddigital standard, and it may change its operating mode in the field.The MAGNUM series can load different modulation schemes, thus allowinga smooth transfer from analog to digital broadcasting or easy migrationfrom one digital standard to another.


ModelOutput bandNominal analog output power (p.s.)

Digital output power (rms) without filter
(Shoulders -40 dB @ F0 ± 4.3 MHz)

SDT 500UBUHF 50 W 10 W 15 W
SDT 200UBUHF 20 W 5 W 8 W
SDT 201UBUHF200 W80 W100 W

Specificationsand characteristics are subject to change without notice.


2-100 W rms / 10-200 W p.s. - SDT TRANSMITTERS





SCREEN SERVICE 2-100 W rms / 10-200 W p.s. - SDT TRANSMITTERS

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